Rough Draft


“The woman’s body is a temple”, a familiar cliche that many have used for centuries and is still relevant in today’s society. So if this phrase is true, than why is the woman’s body so blatantly degraded in so many different aspects of our daily lives? Women’s bodies are constantly over sexualized from advertisements to everyday interactions. A patriarchal double standard has been engraved in the mind of today’s culture, in which many feminist artists have made it their goal to reclaim the female body and reverse the negative stereotypes as a form of empowerment.

Sexualization of womens bodies

One doesn’t have to try very hard to find examples of discrimination of women in today’s culture. The woman’s body has been placed center stage for the eye of the public gaze. Thus, with this gaze there has been this strict set of rules that have been placed upon women to define what the “ideal” body image is. So many women have bought into this, that these false notions have almost become this biological instinct in the minds of many. Women are plastered across billboards and television screens scarcely clothed and in alluring positions. Majority of time the meaning behind whatever the product being sold is lost as the attention of the viewer becomes completely focused on the models body. Even more ironically, the issue at hand becomes worse as these models are typically objectified and loose their title as a human being all together. Female models have become these sex objects, in which people solely think about their body parts and nothing else. Furthermore, these models are shown in these vulnerable poses furthering the idea that they are nothing more than mindless beings. Thus, with these images plastered everywhere in public it is inevitable that the women of the world begin to pick up these subconscious messages.

Exotification of women of color bodies

Women of all races are victims of the over sexualization of their bodies, however females of color as especially targeted. This is because along with the over sexualization there is sometimes this exotification fetish that takes place. This meaning that women of color are looked at as these exotic creatures of beauty which can be interpreted as extremely dehumanizing…….

Gender preformativity

The false guidelines of what makes a women appealing and socially acceptable has had a large effect on how females feel they should behave.

Male gaze

Hannah wilke

Jenny saville

Barbara kruger



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