Triptych Photo Project

PicMonkey Collage

Everyone has multiple selves, how you act around your friends, your parents, professionals, and alone. These multiple selves are something everyone posses in which they make a person feel more comfortable in any given situation. I may be only speaking for myself when saying I constantly make imaginary scenarios I would love to live in my head, but it is a mechanism that keeps me motivated in my daily life.

When thinking about my project, as usual I approached it with a very creative and imaginative eye, rather than a more literal one. My “normal” self is the middle portrait. I captured myself in what I would consider a typical setting for myself. I have my iconic chocker and one of my many strange outfit combinations. Although I have my daily makeup and accessories, I often change my daily style vastly. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my love for different styles. One day I want to dress super girly, another day laid back, and then the third super grungy. I occasionally evaluate myself and wonder if my constant change is due to me subconsciously playing a role for other people. However, then I always realize it is because I’m inspired from a wide variety of cultures.

From this thought I got the idea for my two different portrayals. The first is the one on the left. As I’ve previously discussed I attribute a lot of who I am to generations of women from the past. One that I’m extremely fascinated with is the 50’s housewife character. It is ironic that I choose this because I don’t really ever picture myself in the future being married. I have many goals I want to accomplish in the future and that is more important to me. Thus, to convey this idea I placed the subtle gun in with the bouquet. I feel that there is this certain sexuality and objectifying gaze about the housewife that exists in society. I constantly feel itemized by men in my life, in which they look, admire, then move on to the next. This feeling of being just an object is something that I really struggle with. Thus, I there in the surprise in the bouquet of flowers as a warning  that makes you look twice and take a second guess. Secondly, is the 20’s flapper girl. I’m obsessed with the culture of women of this time, especially regarding the sexual liberation. I think it is the first time in history that women started to take control of their relationships with men. I find great strength and confidence in my gender when reflecting on this character. As I just mentioned, my relationship with the male gender is something I really struggle with, finding the balance of staying true to myself and caving to patriarchal pressures. Thus, this character of the 20’s flapper is somewhere I find liberation and comfort. It has given my this strange value regarding sex in which is almost look at it as an art-form. I think the women of this time exude a rare beauty that has died out over the years. So, with that I define myself as a women composed of many characters each bringing something unique to the table.


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