Culture Jamming Poster


I’ve always been fascinated with the American Apparel Ad campaign. I follow their online blog in which they post their advertisements as well as a bunch of images they categorize as “inspiration“. After viewing their blatantly degrading and patronizing inspiration pictures, it makes perfect sense why their advertisements are so clearly disturbing. They always have their models half naked in which they’re usually only wearing the item of clothing they are “advertising”. Then the models are typically in strange and contorted poses that don’t even flatter the type of clothing they’re trying to sell. Flipping through the pages of a magazine I always know an American Apparel Ad when I see it. When I see one, I stop and wonder how any consumer could be fooled into buying these overly sexualized products. Yet, in the strange world we live in American Apparel seems to be a prospering business constantly opening up new location around the world. The picture above just shows how AA continually plays off their success in opening new stores as another advertising strategy.

Culture Jamming 4

Now, I made two small culture jamming posters because it was just too hard to choose with the vast variety of AA advertisements. The first is an advertisement for hosiery, in which it follows the AA style of eliminating any distraction besides the part of the body in which the item of clothing they’re trying to sell. Then you have the strong hand over the vaginal area, in which the covering draws your attention to the area even more. There is no indication to what is trying to be sold here at all. This ad doesn’t even have the company name on it. It is almost as if the sheer purpose of this advertisement is to arouse the viewer.  With the act of culture jamming, I’ve taken it upon myself to clarify what this advertisements so called “intentions” are.

Culture Jamming 2

The second one is an advertisement for cotton t-shirts, or maybe those orange underwear? The print is so small I would never take the time to figure out. Thus, Iv’e decided to take the time and turn it into an advertisement for your favorite “granny panties”. In the advertisement the male figure illustrates sheer joy as he is taking his female companions underwear off, clearly implying that they’re about to have sex. In our culture there is this whole “art” of preparing yourself for sex. Women have to shave every part of their bodies practically. Then, as if it wasn’t obvious, have the combination of the sexy matching bra and underwear. If one chooses not to follow these rules, clearly they will be celibate for life. Thus, I took it upon myself to make fun of this patriarchal ritual that has been engraved in society and post it on this image. I just find it ridiculous how so many women buy into it as it basically gives all the power and pleasure of sex in that hands of men.


One thought on “Culture Jamming Poster

  1. I love your pieces. I find myself laughing at how blatantly the original ads represent exactly what your redone interpretations are saying. For example, the stocking advertisement actually made me laugh out loud at the fact that it really was necessary to specify what the hell they are trying to sell. With so many objects being sexualized, it’s difficult to find true meaning behind things. Why do open and legs and vagina shots have to be enforced to sell. Sorry to say that I am not personally drawn to a product by which only a little bit of the vagina is covered…. And I’m a female, aka the product audience for one piece jumpers and stockings. Good going advertising companies. And good going to you for acknowledging the problems behind them and commenting through this extremely well done culture jamming project.

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