Feminist Art Paper Topic Proposal

For my paper I’m interested in researching the societal critique of women’s body. I’ve always found the societal standards that have been created to be so interesting and how it effects the women’s mindset. For many it is so engraved it is almost as if it is something biological. From this mindset it is amazing to think how it has taken form in so many different parts of culture. Daily advertisements, Tv shows, and just everyday conversation. I would also like to focus in on the sexualization of women’s bodies. Particularly, taking a side note and talking about the exoticfication of women of color’s bodies. Artists that I find interesting and relate to this topic include Jenny Saville, Barbara Kruger, Hannah Wilke, and others. Feminist Theory terms would include the male gaze, gender preformativity, and the female body. This is an issue I’ve always felt I personally relate with and is where I feel most strongly in the vast variety of feminist topics. Hence, I’m excited to learn about more artist who were passionate enough about this subject as well to create art that inform the masses.


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