On Great Women Artists

1. How does Nochlin reply to the question “Why have there been no great women artists”?  (Summarize main points). 

The answer that is assumed when this question is proposed is that there has never been great woman artists because they are unable to achieve greatness. Some assumptions claim that there is a genetic difference between man and woman that make men more superior. Another reason that is given is that there is a significant difference in the type of greatness achieved by mean in comparison to that of women. So the question now becomes if there are so many great woman artists that aren’t recognized than what are they fighting for?

The real problem is what is considered art by these invisible judges of character. Much of art though the centuries has shown tons of femininity. But only the men who portray such themes seem to rise to fame. This is because from the beginning of time women were never given any attention in the art world. Thus, it didn’t matter if the male was talented or not, he would instantly be given a head start. So the most important thing women can do is accept the history given and realize that still in the given situation they may have to work a little bit harder to achieve the same recognition as a man. It is key to recognize that truce greatness is a challenge for everyone, whether they’re a man or woman.

2. Who are the Guerrilla Girls and what do they do?

The Guerrilla Girls are a group of female artist who want to make a name for the great woman artist who have failed to be recognized for centuries.  In the process of doing so a primary goal for them is to fight discrimination. They have produced various forms of posters to call to the publics attention to race and gender issue that are abundant in our culture. These woman would wear gorilla masks to keep the focus on their actions not their personalities. Humor was also a skill they used to give a more positive connotation to feminists. The idea of the guerrilla girls is they can be anyone and everywhere. Their wish is to unite women artist and represent the entire community.

3. What does Woolf say would have happened had Shakespeare had a brilliant sister (Judith)? 

If Shakespeare would have had a sister, life wouldn’t be much different from the reality of what we know. This is because odds are her brilliance most likely would of never been recognized because of her sex. She wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to go to school and display the knowledge and skill she possessed. She would have been encouraged to work and marry young and serve her husband. Unfortunately there would have been a slim chance that anyone would have payed attention to her to discover her talent. Even if she tried to express her feeling and knowledge she would most likely get shut down and very likely laughed at.

4. What do you think?  (Your reaction/response to Nochlin, the Guerrilla Girls, Woolf)

I think the context of Woolf and Nochlin’s writings are very upsetting because unfortunately that is the harsh reality. I find it so astounding that still today females are not found in the major art names. I also find that so ironic when you see Universities today filled with woman. Furthermore majority of art majors in college are females. I previously researched the Guerrilla Girls this past year and i think they’re amazing. The way the do things and the facts they come with are fantastic. I think its also a shame how even one of these big activist groups for female art are still pretty unknown today.


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