When I hear someone say it must suck to be a girl or “to be a women” all I can do is role my eyes. How is it that in today’s society people still think so lowly of women. I don’t even think it is always a conscious statement, but that fact that it is a natural tendency may be even scarier. For me, I find the nature of being a female to be one of the most empowering forces in my life. I find these challenges that the patriarchal world puts in front of us something to be motivated by. I’ve used things like the isolation experienced to be a source of inspiration for my personal art.                             tumblr_mmb84nIepR1rx9bexo1_500

Furthermore, a subject in the realm of feminism that I am more passionate about is how women of color are exoticised. Being bi-racial myself I feel women like myself have become some type of exotic fetish. Over the years of feminist history it seems that women of color have went through many different stages of discrimination. In the past it has been given the connotation that they are disgusting or unworthy. However, now they have progressed to be almost idolized in this creepy animalistic creature way. I’ve seen people refer to bi-racial people as cool and interesting in a fashion like they are some sort of new bread of dog. I think this issue particularly related to women because they become these over sexualized desirable creatures. It’s really interesting how feminist history is always changing.



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  1. I really like your home page section! To support your point about having to become some ideal of a fetish due to being bi-racial, I remember someone displaying this and I found it really interesting (it won’t let me insert images so just search and see for yourself): do different searches on google images for “white woman”, “white man”, “black man”, “black woman”, “asian woman”, etc. and it literally throws it in our face that there is a major issue there.

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